Our mission is to increase the veteran workforce in the Life Science Industry by providing a central resource for veterans, active service members, and supporters. Through our efforts we want to provide veterans the opportunity to develop the network and skill set knowledge required for a successful career in the life science industry.

Why Boots In Bio?

Transitioning from the military can be difficult for service members and many veterans are lost in the search for their next career, not knowing where to take the valuable skills they’ve gained throughout their military service. The Biotech/pharma industry is a stable, well-funded, and perpetually growing industry whose need for entry level support talent is growing rapidly.

Boots In Bio looks to inform, support, and aid transitioning service members and veterans into successful careers in the Biotech industry. From enlisted to officers, we understand where you are coming from, and where you can go. Allow Boots In Bio to open the door to a stable, fulfilling career.


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